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Thank you

There are just so many people to whom I will be forever grateful. Some have given me a second chance at life, some of have helped me recover to be as strong as I am today, others have been a shoulder to cry on or an ear that listens so well. To each and every one of you - thankyou!!

I am equally grateful to each and every person that has helped me over the last three years. Without you I would not be here today. Below, I have attempted in no particular order, to thank each of you in turn. You are my heroes.....

Mum and Dad: without you I would not be the person I am today. It is your strength, love and care that has enabled me to get better. Without this, no amount of surgery would have helped. I love you xx

Kells, Steve and, of course, Polly: your patience and support over the last three years have been invaluable. You even had to show off and bring Polly along too. You know how much having her around has helped me. She's my little angel xx

Rach: having you at my side in Geneva made a big difference. Your caring nature and positive outlook on life never cease to amaze me. You've helped me so much xx

Duncan and Kirrie: where do I start?! You guys are amazing!! I could not wish for two better friends. You mean the world to me and have been there for me through thick and thin. Nuff said!!! xx

Claire: I will never forget watching your face dissolve as you came around that corner to see me in my hospital bed! What you did for me for so long I will never forget. You are a truly incredible person. Thank you xx

Bob, Dave, Gilly, Louise, Ollie, Debbie and Erica: Thank you Bob, you saved my life; Dave, for your expert bandaging; Debs for your music - I'd have gone mad without it and to everyone else for your visiting and support xx

My heroic pisteurs: I have never met you but have never forgotten you. One day! Thank you so much.

Professor Michel Richter and staff at HUG: you really did a fantastic job. The word genius is overused but to me, there can be no other word. Thank you all so much.

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5th September, 2006

The funds are slowly coming in and the balance is creeping up. Still a long way to go to reach the £10,000 target. Please encourage all of your friends, family, neighbours and their friends to support a very worthwhile cause. Don't all the peiple of South Wales deserve the cutting edge technology a 3D scanner would give?


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